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Chess Game

 Coming in 2023 

Love Deals

Image by Mathias P.R. Reding

Cover Forthcoming

Love should occur naturally.

Not forced like a pawn in a wicked chess game.


Four people living their lives the best they can – Greg Davis, a pastor; Kara Jensen, a single mother; Mark Richardson, a CEO; Jennifer Rosemond, a nurse. Each with a dark side.


But evil decided to make a game out of love. The die is cast – the deal is made.


Pastor Greg is plummeted deep into sin that he doesn’t know how to deal with and to a crisis of faith, he may not come back from.

Kara struggles to outrun her troubled past and forced on a desperate search with Greg for the one thing should holds most dear.

Mark fights to maintain his place as a top member of the mob by making a daring deal that could get him killed.

Jennifer’s ‘night job’ lands her in a battle to stay alive. She is coerced into a reckless deal with Mark, the one man she knows she can’t trust.


Four people determined to never fall in love.


Two couples playing a game that only love can win.


The game is on. How will the chips fall?

Love Deals
Vampire Mate
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