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The Search Begins:
Blood Coins - Book 1

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Of all the normal women in the world, why did the paranormal choose her?

Isabel Simpson is living the good life. She has a big house in the old money district, a luxury sedan, and a rich husband, the former bestfriend of her cheating ex-fiance, Nicholas Maximus. Everything in her life is easy and makes perfect sense.

Until she receives a call about an unusual inheretence that sends her into a tailspin. Who would have thought that one small coin could do so much damage? With otherworldy powers, it invites otherworldly characters, both good and bad.

Now, she’s got bigger problems to deal with – religious zealots, demons, a battle between light and dark. Even worse, she has to search for the remaining coins.

And it’s obvious her usual bottle of wine won’t come close to touching this headache.

Especially when Nicholas gets involved.

The coins are in play

How long will it take for Isabel’s life to go to hell?

Now Available in Audiobook

Lure of Darkness:
Blood Coins - Book 2

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More coins. More dangerous adversaries. And the darkness calls.


Just when Isabel and Niko thought they could put the silver coins of Judas Iscariot behind them, they get some bad news. She’s not the only coin keeper. He’s not the only coin tracker. And they have two giant targets on their backs.

Drawn further into the escalating battle between light and dark, Isabel is forced to embrace the powers she hates and continue their search for the missing coins.

Not only that, she has to team up with her least-favorite succubus, outsmart a sociopathic rival and a vengeful shapeshifter, still deal with too many demons, and help thwart an attempt to put a new ruler on the throne of hell. Oh, and find her cat.

There’s not enough wine for this, but at least she has Niko for company.

The road trip from hell is leading them straight there.


Why? Because Satan may be pulling the strings.

 Coming in 2023 

Quest for Balance:
Blood Coins - Book 3

Image by Mathias P.R. Reding

Cover Forthcoming

Isabel was hoping for a break after dealing with Satan’s machinations, but she’s not that lucky, and they’re running out of time. Instead of waiting for the infernal dust to settle, she and Niko must enter a frantic race around the globe to find the remaining coins, only to find out that new adversaries are also hunting them down. One is an ancient foe with too much seductive power and vengeance in her heart. One is vicious enough to do anything to get the coins he wants, including teaming up with the last person Isabel wants to see again—an enemy she thought was still imprisoned in hell.

But Satan wrote the book on keeping grudges, and he’s added another name to his list.

With allies disappearing and enemies attacking from all sides, it doesn’t take long for Isabel to realize that the only person she can trust is herself. And maybe a succubus with a hell of a future. They might have a chance to win this battle between good and evil, but only if they can find the most powerful relic of them all.


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Book no.2
Book no.3
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