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B.H. Woods is a pen name for the husband-and-wife writing team of urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels.


Delinda is a native-born Missourian. She is beautiful, sweet-tempered, and truly the heart and inspiration for the family and the tales the team generates. Since fiction authors don’t age, Delinda is holding at forty-nine (where she has been for more years than she cares to count).


Gary is an army brat of a retired former combat tracker Master Sergeant that served several tours in Vietnam. Gary attributes his story-telling ability to his father, who can spool his adventures so vividly you feel like you’re walking in the jungle alongside him. Gary was born in Kentucky but moved often during his childhood years, even spending three years in Bavaria, Germany. He has also traveled to Japan and visited the amazing Taj Mahal.


Gary and Delinda reside in Kentucky with a large cat-hating German Shepherd, and a tiny, playful Yorkshire Terrier pup (which will play catch with his squeaky yellow hippopotamus until your arm falls off). They also have two cats, one of which served as the inspiration for Izzy's furry feline, Elliot.


Delinda keeps the team grounded and on track, while Gary adds the snarkiness and sarcasm for which their characters are notorious. They both look forward to retirement so they can dedicate more time to developing their craft and creating many more magnificent journeys for others to enjoy.

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