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Urban fantasy and Paranormal Romance
Author of the

Blood Coins Series


Latest Release

Lure of Darkness:

Book 2 of the Blood Coins Series

More coins. More dangerous adversaries. And the darkness calls.


Just when Isabel and Niko thought they could put the silver coins of Judas Iscariot behind them, they get some bad news. She’s not the only coin keeper. He’s not the only coin tracker. And they have two giant targets on their backs.

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Also Available

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The Search Begins:

Book 1 of the Blood Coins Series

Of all the normal women in the world, why did the paranormal choose her?


Isabel Simpson is living the good life. She has a big house in the old money district, a luxury sedan, and a rich husband, the former bestfriend of her cheating ex-fiance, Nicholas Maximus. Everything in her life is easy and makes perfect sense.

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   The Search Begins was well written and exciting. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I can most definitely relate to Izzy. She's strong but not without her flaws...just like the rest of us, LOL.

   The book wasn't without a few hot scenes that left me a little breathless. All-in-all, a great first work for the writing duo. Great job! I would strongly recommend it!

   The Search Begins is good versus evil with a love story. You can't ask for anything more! The Search Begins is a well-written book with relatable characters, who took me on their adventure - page after page.

   I enjoyed this author's first book and I am waiting anxiously for the next one as the search continues.

   Great read and highly recommend!



Upcoming Releases
Las Vegas

Want a Little Romance?

Image by Mathias P.R. Reding

Cover Forthcoming

Love Deals

Love should occur naturally.

Not forced like a pawn in a wicked chess game.


Four people living their lives the best they can – Greg Davis, a pastor; Kara Jensen, a single mother; Mark Richardson, a CEO; Jennifer Rosemond, a nurse. Each with a dark side.


But evil decided to make a game out of love. The die is cast – the deal is made.

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